Simplified SPF with ioSPF

We will manage your SPF record without having to worry about the maximum limit of 10 DNS lookups with our hosted SPF solution based on SPF macro technology. Our service is running on Azure datacenters in different regions so that we can offer low latency for the DNS requests. 

ioSPF hosted solution

ioSPF is a solution for facilitating your domain SPF record.
By using various SaaS applications that send e-mail messages from your domain, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the SPF record within 10 DNS lookups (see RFC7208).

Traditional SPF record:

v=spf1 -all
13 of 10 DNS lookups

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ioSPF hosted SPF record:

v=spf1 include:%{ir}.%{d} -all
1 of 10 DNS lookups

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Benefits of SPF macro

Protect from hackers

Hide the list of authorized senders from hackers


Bypass the limits of SPF “includes”, and to improve the performance of requests


Tight control of the sender’s permissions

Simplified SPF for your domain


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